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Raw Dog Food Tip

“Once you understand the basic theory behind the functions of enzymes and the essential need for them, then you will better understand the raw meat diet philosophy. It was once believed that because enzymes can be produced by the body that there could never be a deficiency. It has now been established that the number of enzymes the body can produce in a lifetime is limited. Therefore, it becomes critical to supply the body with an outside source from raw food diets that have not had the enzyme supply destroyed by heat. All it takes is 118 degrees F. to destroy the enzymes in food. Nature designed the food to have sufficient enzymes to digest the food when it is ingested. Limit the enzyme supply and you reduce the life expectancy.”

- Robert Mueller

Ask An Expert

Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Dog

By Monica Samson

It’s Valentine’s Day, and who better to honor on this day than our beloved pets? I have some great ideas to share with you, so you can spend your day with your most loyal pal. Here is a list of things that are sure to bring a smile to your raw-fed companion:

Rope Toy

For crafty dog moms and dads that would rather make something from the heart, how about making your pooch a homemade dog toy? Aimee from IrresistiblePets.net shows you how to make a rope toy out of your old t-shirts in under 15 minutes.

Tasty Treats

Of course every good dog deserves a treat, right? And with the current threat of contaminated pet treats still being investigated by the FDA, it’s more important than ever for pet parents to choose safe, natural, USA-made treats for their loyal companions. We recommend feeding BARF dogs natural, freeze-dried treats that are made and sourced in the United States. Whole Life Pet Treats contain single ingredients and are available in a variety of flavors. These are available on our website, www.barfworld.com.

Antler Chews

Another great raw-diet-friendly treat for your dog that also acts as a wonderful teeth cleaner and breath freshener are elk antler chews.  These chews are much safer than synthetic nylon chews and rawhides which are often made in China and contain artificial ingredients.   

For young puppies and older pets with delicate teeth, give a split antler - one that has been cut in half - to prevent dental damage. 

While any one of these gift ideas are sure to please your pet, there are of course so many more things that you can do to show your dog how much you love them.  Take them out for a long walk, go to their favorite park, pamper them with extra hugs, kisses, and belly rubs.  

Send us an email at info@barfworld.com and share how you show your dog love and we’ll include it in our next issue of The Intelligent Pet.  Happy Valentine’s Day from your BARF World family!

"Monica is a mother of 2 kids and 2 tabby cats. Though her parents never allowed pets growing up, she has always been an animal lover. Her 2 cat's are fans of the BARF Diet. When asked what convinced her to go with a raw diet for her pet's, she replies, “I was a big believer of processed dry food but after seeing such an amazing difference in my cat’s coat and energy, I knew that the BARF diet was the way to go.”
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