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Raw Dog Food Tip

"Trying to change a serious condition takes time, much like trying to rebuild a football team that needs a new coach and many new players. The 90-day challenge merely grants the needed time to let the dog go through the detoxification phase, and to allow the better quality ingredients in the raw diet a chance to enhance the immune system. Time is needed to furnish the needed nutrient base to repair the damage to the inner body. We have seen good results in 30 days, but we can be far more assured to satisfy even the hardest cases if we have a full 90 days to do our magic. We call it the 'magic of meat'"

- Robert Mueller

Ask An Expert

The Secret To A Healthy Dog

By Robert Mueller

Many think this is a nutritional diet.
What is our first reaction when we discover that a severe disease, such as cancer, has attacked our pet and is spreading throughout his or her body? Hopefully, the answer is to change the dietary habits and become more aware of what we allow our pets’ bodies to be exposed to. While it may be too late to make a drastic difference in the outcome of the disease, we hope that a diet change can at least help to slow its progression. 

Unfortunately for many, the connection of diet relating to disease i often realized after the fact. This is why we must be proactive about our pets’ health. Making the change to a biologically appropriate diet BEFORE there is a problem is the best way to prevent disease in our animal companions. 

The benefit your pet receives from a biologically appropriate diet is similar to what you receive when you consume a healthy, whole food diet. The important difference between our pets and us however is the factor of choice. We can choose to eat an unhealthy diet and we can elect bad habits that may eventually lead to a diseased state, yet our pets do not have the benefit of these same choices.

If left to forage for themselves, dogs would scavenge for whatever is necessary to meet their nutritional needs. Modern pets, however, are forced to eat the food that is presented to them by their guardian. Therein lies the difference between the diet of a wild dog and one of a domesticated pet. The domesticated pet is subjected to the choices made by their human owner to complete their nutritional needs. Make the wrong nutritional choice for your pet and you can expect to see some serious health problems down the road. 

You’re probably thinking, “This all makes perfect sense. So why do so many people continue to ignore such a simple concept like nutrition?” 

Provide proper nutrition to your pet with a natural diet.
In most cases it’s not the pet owners fault at all. The truth is that they just don’t realize the enormous effects that proper nutrition and holistic healthcare have on their pets. They think that the kibble and canned food diets they are feeding their dogs are good for them. They don’t realize that excessive vaccinations and exposure to chemicals and other toxins may be depressing their pet’s immune systems and leaving them vulnerable to disease. These pet owners are not being given the proper information they need to make an informed decision about their pet’s health. To become a knowledgeable pet guardian requires a fair amount of education and research. 

BARF World’s main goal is to provide education on nutrition and natural pet healthcare. We provide this information a number of ways:

We try our best to educate our customers by sharing the health benefits of raw food and pet nutrition. You are probably reading this because you are already part of the BARF World family and understand the importance of raw feeding.  I urge you to please share this information and have your friends and family subscribe to our weekly newsletter for more information.

Robert Mueller, BSc, Pharm. is a registered pharmacist, author of Living Enzymes: The World’s Best Kept Pet Food Secret”, and co-developer of BARF World’s BARF Diets® patties, nuggets and supplements – the first company to make the Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods (BARF®) diet conveniently available to animals everywhere.  To receive more articles like these in your email inbox,click here to sign up for “The Intelligent Pet” weekly e-zine absolutely FREE!
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