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Raw Dog Food Tip

“On a raw diet the energy level of your pet may increase and will be noticed especially in dogs that are exercised hard or are involved with sporting or hunting activities. The reduction of carbohydrates in the diet will put dogs that need to lose weight in muscle building mode. Dogs that are normally muscled dogs will muscle up in the first 30 to 60 days.”

- Robert Mueller

Ask An Expert

How To Keep Your Pet Safe This Winter

By Monica Samson

This time of year holiday travel is at its peak. If you’re planning a trip yourself, you may be considering whether to take your pet along with you.  Like many other pet parents, you may worry how well your dog will do on a long flight or car ride.  For those with older pets, you may even worry about how the cold weather can affect your pet’s mobility. 

When the weather is cold (and in some locations throughout the U.S., beyond freezing), it can take us and our pets, a considerable amount of energy to fight through the harsh weather and get to where we need to go.  Our pets are much closer to the ground and may be having a more difficult time battling this winter weather than we are.  You may want to consider a sweater and some booties to keep your pet warm when you go out for walks.  

Older dogs and those with arthritis or joint problems may be struggling with the adjustment to the climate change. The cold weather can make it difficult for your pets to stay active. The Mobility supplement, helps promote joint flexibility for dogs in their second stage of life or those with mobility problems. This product has been formulated for dogs that have begun to show signs of decreased activity due to joint pain or arthritis, are affected by extremely cold and damp weather, or dogs that feel pain when climbing stairs.   

Mobility is also great for helping pets maintain an active lifestyle or for those that enjoy activities like hunting and agility.  This product includes a blend of Eastern herbs for healing as well as Elk Velvet Antler to support and maintain:
  • Long term health
  • Joint mobility
  • Normal stamina and endurance
  • Healthy immune system
  • Normal blood cell health
  • Normal function and health of the kidneys
  • Eye function
  • Proper body functions and overall quality of life
Keep your pet comfortable.
We want to make sure that our dogs have positive and comfortable experiences while traveling, especially during this time of year when we want to visit family and friends for holiday gatherings.  The cold weather can greatly affect how your dog feels during a long drive.  We have some great tips that may assist you and your family to help make it to your next destination safely and at ease. 

Whether you plan to travel by car or plane, there are many things that you may need to consider in order to make the ride pleasant for everyone.  Here are a few things to consider when traveling:
  • Am I traveling by plane or car?
  • Is my pooch comfortable with riding by car or plane?
  • Is my pooch comfortable in a harness, crate, etc?
  • Is my hotel or family okay with me traveling with my dog?
  • Does my dog have anxiety or get sick while traveling?
Remember, when it comes to traveling this holiday season you and your pet and not on your own. BARF World can ship your order while you are away on vacation within the Continental U.S.  Just remember to stay prepared when you are ready to hit the road so you can enjoy the holidays together. 


Monica is a mother of 2 kids and 2 tabby cats. Though her parents never allowed pets growing up, she has always been an animal lover. Her 2 cat's are fans of the BARF Diet. When asked what convinced her to go with a raw diet for her pet's, she replies, “I was a big believer of processed dry food but after seeing such an amazing difference in my cat’s coat and energy, I knew that the BARF diet was the way to go.”
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