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Raw Dog Food Tip

“We observe the most common ailment caused from pet’s consumption of unwanted poisons and contaminants. The whole pet population has weakened kidneys and other vital organs that have been weakened from the continuous consumption of harmful contaminants. The mercury found in fish products, and the herbicide residues found in genetically modified foods used in dog and cat food, are setting the stage for thousands of compromised animals to die. Pet deaths related to cancer are increasing every year. It is alarming to see these statistics increase without changes being made to eliminate the problem. A simple switch to biologically appropriate raw meat diets (The Barf Diet) will make the biggest health correction possible.”

- Robert Mueller

Ask An Expert

Foods Worth Sharing With Your Dog

By Ben Stanford

When I am cooking my meal, there are 4 eyes watching my every move, they know to stay in their appointed area and I will figure out something to sneak into their bowls. The amounts given here are what I like to see as the reasonable daily amounts. All of the quantities are given with standard kitchen measurements.

Working with naturopathic medicine and acupuncture in my daily life I realized that the right proportions are as valid for the dogs bowl as they are on our own plates as it nourishes and promotes good health.

When you are giving your dog’s multiple snacks throughout the day, aim for a variety such as a small piece of fruit in the afternoon and vegetables in the morning. Mix and match according to what works for you.

How much you feed your dog is as important as what you feed your dog. There are components that will determine how much food you put into the bowl which includes your dog’s weight, activity level and body type.

Calorie recommendations from commercial pet food companies vary and there are multiple methods of calculating calorie requirements. Ensuring the body received the right amount of nutrients is important for both dogs and humans, only the proportion is different for different species. Where there are some vitamins and minerals that need to be supplemented, some are manufactured within your dog’s body and others can be provided through modest services of fresh food.

For some dogs new textures are exciting, though other dogs may need some coaxing, if your dog won’t eat a carrot, try shredding it into some other food, once a dog is learning that trying new food is okay, he is more likely to try it on his own.


Don't feed unhealthy
treats to your pet.

Apples and Pears

Do you usually prefer red apples to green? Try sharing a slice. If your dog raises his nose away, then you may want to try removing the peel, as apple seeds contain cyanide, apple cores should not be given to dogs.


You can try and sneak bananas into your dog’s bowl, bananas should be ripe, not green.

Mangos and Papayas

Both mangoes and papayas are filled with antioxidants and enzymes that help and assist with digestion


There are few dogs who enjoy citrus foods, if your dog is ok with this, it is ok to share vitamin-C packed fruit into your dog’s bowl.



Carrots are high in vitamins and provide a good chewing activity for your dogs. If your dog won’t eat a whole carrot, try grating it and mixing it with a meal.

Green beans and snap peas

Our dogs love green vegetables, so we sneak them into their meal. With larger quantities, they should be grated in the food processor to break down the cellular structure.



Most dogs will enjoy the taste of fish and this is a great snack that provides a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids to nourish your dog’s coat and skin.

Beginning his practice in 2003, Ben's continuing studies a Physiotherapy Victoria have expanded his scope to include yoga acupressure, physiotherapy, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine and applied kinesiology.

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