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With the increase in popularity of our infamous BARF® Meat Eater Diet, we have decided to bring it straight to your door! This popular protein has been sold across the country to our Breeders and Groomers and large quantities. This unique blend has bred larger litters and healthier puppies with it’s special blend of vitamins and minerals! But this Meat Eater Diet is not just breeder specific.

Our bulk packaging and larger production volumes of our BARF® Meat Eater Diet, allows us to sell this product at a competitive cost!

This exclusive blend of our 2 most popular proteins (beef and chicken) is sure to keep your pet lean and healthy. 

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What is BARF?

"BARF®" is our acronym that means Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. It is a complete and carefully balanced blend of raw meat, fruits, vegetables and bone. Our formula mimics what nature has designed our pet's to thrive on in the wild. The result is a pet free of allergies, digestive problems, and full of life!

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